Eden Plans

I've been really surprised at all the interest that I've been getting in Eden in the last week and a half or so.  I've had 2 book bloggers request ARC's, a librarian request Eden "swag", and a few other people cheering me on to hurry up and finish it.  I am thrilled at all the excitement that is building around it!

I think there is a bit of confusion though on where Eden stands and what the plans are for it in the future.  So I'm going to try and clear things up here.

Current status:  I am SOO close to finishing the first draft of Eden.  First clarification: Eden is not completed.  I started writing Eden back in July, worked on it for about 2 months, then had to go back to another project and finish it and only started up on it again the middle of December.  I've been working like crazy on it to finish the first draft and hope to have it done by the end of the week.

The near future:  Obviously it's going to take rounds of editing before Eden is really done.  Eden's current word count is 94,000 words with another 10,000 or so to go in the first draft and then I plan to add in about 7,000 more words.  It will be my longest book yet.  It usually takes me a few months to edit so my goal is to have all the editing done by April 1st (no April fools there ;) )

Longer term plans:  I think a lot of people have assumed that I am going to self-publish Eden like I did with Branded and Forsaken.  I may do that eventually.  But for now the plan is to send out query letters, try to get an agent, and that whole, very long, process.  I have had a really good experience with my self-publishing but what I am able to do by myself and with very little money is so limited.  To get it where I would like to see Eden I will need the backing of a major publisher.  That's the goal anyway :)

So for now:  Hold tight.  You will be able to read Eden someday, I'm just not sure when or how it will get to you.  For now it will help me out if you go onto Goodreads and add it.  It can only help me to have lots of people lined up who want to read it!  Here's the link to the page HERE


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