Eden's Playlist

I think most writers tend to listen to music when they're creating.  It surprises me sometimes how much it effects what I am working on.  Say I'm listening to a really sappy love song, my scene tends to be much more romantic than I had planned it, the same goes for a really angry song, I find I've created a really violent scene. 

I've been trying to find a good way to create a playlist to post on the side bar here but most of the playlist creators don't have the songs I've picked so I've created this YouTube one.  It's a bit harder to navigate but this way you can see what I've got on replay, over and over as I write Eden.  Hope you enjoy it!


Momo (Books Over Boys) said...

I'm a reader that always has to listen to music when I read so I'm super happy that you do too! Now when I go to read your books, I'll know for sure that this is what you we're listening to when I read the scenes! :) YAY for playlists!

steve said...

I always have something playing when I write. Sometimes it's rock, sometimes it's something really mellow, and sometimes it's something really ambient...doesn't really matter, as long as something is on. It greatly affects the way I write.
Adelita's Way is a pretty common band for me to listen to when I write anything! Love them! Great choice of song too!

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