The Ever Chronicles

I've had a few people here and there ask me about The Ever Chronicles.  For those of you who don't know, Ever Burning was intended to be the first book in this series, eventually to be 4 books.  Back story:  I originally started writing what later became the 3rd book, got half way through the first draft and realized that this didn't feel like the right place to start the story.  So I stopped and started Ever Burning, which took place about 300 years prior to that third book.  So I wrote the book, thought it was great, and sent query letters out to agents.  I got one request for the full and a few months later she passed.

Looking back I realize why.

About a month after, January of 2009, I started the query process I got this great idea for an angel book.  I had already started the second book in The Ever Chronicles but I just couldn't get this new idea out of my head.  And so Branded was written and completed six months later.  I realized then how many issues Ever Burning had and pushed it on the way-back-there burner.  Someday I plan to rewrite it all, compiled into one probably very long book.

I got a printed copy for myself, it's on Amazon as "out of stock". 

My questions is:  If I made it available for sale on there for a week or so would anyone buy it?  It will only be the paperback version.  Honestly I don't want to see reviews popping up on it, cause I know it has a lot of issues.  I just know a lot of people have been curious about the other book that is listed under my name.

So, any interest?


Jenni Merritt said...

Well.. yeah... duh! Though I would demand you to sign it next time I see you... for my collection of course :)

Anonymous said...

HEll yes i would by it!
Make it happen :)