I've been thinking the last day or so about how lucky I am to be surrounded by so many wonderful and supportive people in the world.  I couldn't have gotten to where I am now without a lot of people who helped me out.  And so I wanted to give a little something back and just give a few shoutouts to some amazing people in the blogging community who deserve it!

My PhotoFirst I have to start with Jenni Merritt.  Even though we've only met in person a handful of times, we talk on almost a daily basis about writing stuff.  We're constantly telling each other to get off our butts and get to work.  And she's currently working on her first completed novel, Prison Nation, which is awesome (I'm about halfway through it right now!)

Nicole MacDonald from Damsel in a Dirty Dress, my kiwi friend who somehow found me in the mess of the Internet.  She's recently published her novel The Arrival and I've really enjoy reading about her journey in the writing world.

Melissa from I Swim For Oceans.  She had been following Branded while I was doing the blog tour and ended up being one of the first to do a review of the second edition of Branded.  She does a great book review blog, one of my favorites to follow!

Even though I have never actually talked with Amanda Hocking and I haven't had a chance to read one of her books yet, I seriously admire her as another Indie author.  She's done amazingly well for herself and I love reading her blog!

The Nemesis Diary is an amazing novel in progress by my friend Steve Barrington.  I went to high school with Steve and attended a few of his concerts (he's an amazing musician and writes seriously awesome lyrics!) and when I heard he was writing a novel, I devoured everything he had.  I still have to catch up sometime with the new stuff but seriously, it's awesome guys, check it out!

Those are just a few of the amazing blogs I follow (I follow a few hundred I think...) and some of the amazing people I've had the pleasure of coming into contact with over the last few years.  I really am grateful for all of you out there and the support and encouragement you guys give me! 


Jenni Merritt said...

Aw thanks Keary! I feel all special now

Its weird to think we have only met a few times... we talk so much it feels like we hang out daily! :)

steve said...

Thanks so much Keary! I hope you find time to catch up :)