Preparing for Departure!

Good morning everyone!

So I'm getting ready today to take off to my writers conference down near Seattle today.  I think this will be my first weekend away from the kids and hubby since I even had kids.  Needless to say, mommy is looking forward to taking the the time for herself.

As I get ready though, I'm realizing that I have no idea what to expect.  A lot of awesome-ness yes, but as a whole, it's a mystery.  I've picked the classes I want to take, looked over the amazing people who will be there, dreamed about the things that could come from this.  But I still feel, I don't know... unprepared isn't the right word but something close to that.  As you can tell this is my first writers conference.

So, any of you seasoned (or even unseasoned) writers out there... Any advice for me?

Due to the conference I will be off the grid till Monday morning after I leave tonight and I expect to come back and tell you about an amazing experience!


Rane Anderson said...

I looked this up right after reading your post hoping I could buy a last minute ticket (I'm currently in the windy tri-cities), but as I suspected, all tickets were sold out!! Darn it. I always feel like I'm a couple steps behind on these things. Have fun and share your knowledge with us!! :)

Good luck with networking, too! How exciting.

Keary Taylor said...

I'm sorry you weren't able to come Rane :( I think it sold out the end of March. It was a great experience though! Hope you can maybe come next year!

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