SWITCHED by Amanda Hocking Review

Description from author's blog:

When Wendy Everly was six years old, her mother was convinced she was a monster and tried to kill her. It isn't until eleven years later that Wendy discovers her mother might have been right.

With the help of Finn Holmes, Wendy finds herself in a world she never knew existed - a world both beautiful and frightening, and Wendy's not sure she wants to be a part of it.

I've been meaning to read an Amanda Hocking book for a while now.  Not only is she another Indie author but she's kinda the rock star of our crowd!
My thoughts:

In SWITCHED we meet Wendy Everly who has seen and been nothing but trouble her whole life it seems. Convinced that she is not really her daughter, Wendy’s mother tries to kill her on her 6th birthday. Good-bye mommy. Brother Matt and Aunt Maggie get stuck with slightly bratty and unmotivated Wendy.

Welcome Finn, the dark and mysterious boy who introduces her to the world of the Trylle. Trylle: a.k.a. Trolls. This was the part that I loved about SWITCHED. I have never come across YA lit based on Trolls. As a kid I loved A Troll in Central Park. Not that SWITCHED is really anything like that but I loved having the idea brought in.

SWITCHED had a very fun Princess Diaries feel to it which I was not expecting at all. I don’t want to give too much away but there is training, balls, and lots of screw-ups that were a lot of fun to read.

A lot of comments have been made about grammatical errors in Amanda Hocking’s work. While there were some it was not enough to pull me out of the story. There were parts I felt could use a bit stronger writing and I was a bit frustrated at the last chapter which felt like it should have been three. Overall though, I enjoyed SWITCHED. It was the first e-book I have read on my tablet PC, a Coby Kyros.

3 out of 5 stars.



Heather Anastasiu said...

I loved hearing your first hand thoughts about this book. I've been wanting to read this since I heard all the hub-bub about it!

Nicole MacDonald said...

I think you were brave to read it, that might sound weird but with such a big name it is a big breath of fresh air to get an honest review :) Well done you!
I've also just posted an article on my blog about your new design site! And totally bombarded twitter & facebook with it *grin* a certain Chaz Harris may be in touch with you at some point.

Good luck!!
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