My Eve Cast Pick (EDEN)

I did a post once up on a time about my Eden cast picks, back when I was still writing the first draft of it.  Now that it's out and people are actually reading about these characters it seems more relevant to post my cast picks. So, for today, here is my cast pick for EVE, my kick-butt MC!

I found this really great picture of  Gillian Zinser from the new "90210" and thought, "wow, she's great!" but then when and looked at her other pictures and she looks totally different.  So, this picture of her is almost exactly how I imagine Eve looking, always slightly messy looking blond hair, skinny after living on a rations diet all her life, sharp looking features.  And a "don't mess with me or I will hurt you" attitude!

What about you?  Who have you pictured playing Eve from Eden?


Morgan said...

I love cast picks! Nicely done. ;D

Kirthi said...

For some reason I pictured Eve as being Hispanic, but WOW Gillian looks like a great Eve!

Ohmygosh, I'd love it if they made a movie of EDEN! Ahhh! ~fangirl scream~

Xj Cheng said...

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