My West Cast Pick (EDEN)

Let me introduce you to West, the snarky, sarcastic guy who catches Eve's attention in Eden.  He's the guy who always knows more than he says, who keeps too many secrets.  He's also the guy Eve can't stand but can't stay away from.  He's a survivor, a boy turned soldier in the Fallen world of Eden.

My cast pick for West would be Matt Lanter from the TV show "90210" and the movie "Vampire's Suck", both of which I haven't actually ever watched, lol.

What about you?  Who would you cast to play West?


Kirthi said...

I pictured West as younger and weirdly, with reddish brown hair. This West looks HOT though!

p.s. I really want to watch Vampires Suck. My parents wouldn't let me though >_<

Jamie Manning said...

Vampires Suck sucked (ha!), but now I REALLY can't wait till my copy of Eden arrives if THIS is what West looks like!!

Samantha Young said...

It's funny 'cause I pictured West as Steven R McQueen that plays Jeremy in the Vampire Diaries and this guy looks scarily like him.

Keary Taylor said...

haha, Steven R McQueen was actually my second cast pick but he is just a tad too "baby faced" to be West!

DJ's Life in Fiction said...

The funny thing is Matt Lanter (those pictures in specific) has been my choice for one of my stories, lol. (Not Hunted, though). I think he'd make a great West! :-D