Okay, so you guys know me.  I am sooo NOT a patient person.  I had things ready, the posts were popping up everywhere and I started getting anxious.  So, guess what?  EDEN IS NOW AVAILABLE!  WooHoo!!  A whole 13 days early!  Honestly I didn't expect for it all to show up so fast but I'm thrilled that it did!  So here's the links for you:

Paperback on Amazon


Nook (Barnes and Noble.  Hopefully they will have the paperback version soon)


Just to let you know, the digital prices will not be staying at $0.99 for very long.  I'm going to leave it at this price for a few weeks, maybe a month and then it will be increasing to $2.99 so get it while its still at the lower price!

Some of the pages are still being built (mostly just on Amazon) so if things look a bit off don't worry about it, you'll still get Eden just fine.

Don't forget to enter Electrifying Reviews Eden giveaway and please, help spread the word about the release!


Jenni Merritt said...


Man that is exciting. And I just have to say: The more I see that cover, the more and more I fall in love with it. It sure is gorgeous!

Can't wait to own a copy of my own!

~Valen~ said...

Yes!! Very excited! Going to order it now! Seriously - now!!

Loren Chase said...

Definitely ordering this now! I'm so excited about it! And that cover is so amazingly awesome! I'd buy it for that alone! ;)


Jamie Manning said...

I'm right there with the rest of them...that cover is OUTSTANDING, STUPENDOUS, AMAZING, AWE-INSPIRING...sorry, got carried away!

Kimmel Tippets said...

I don't blame you one bit. It's hard to wait on something that you are so excited about, especially if there really isn't a need for it! I can't wait for my copy to come!

Katie Dodge said...

I agree, I love the cover! Getting it on my Nook right now! Congrats and good luck! :D

Dia said...

I was at school when I saw this post and I almost pissed my pants right there in my chair! I am so happy for you to have it done! I cannot wait to get my own copy of it!

Michelle said...

Saw your book on an In My Mailbox post. Looks very interesting! I downloaded it and hope to read it soon! :)