Updates, Links to a Giveaway, and B&N!

I've been off-island for the last 2 days being put through h-e-double-hockey-sticks (a.k.a. car shopping... thank goodness its now all over and I have my pretty new ride) and it's crazy how behind I feel after just those 2 days!  Geesh!  But time to get all caught up!

My good friend Jenni is doing a signed giveaway of EDEN and she also posted an interview with yours truly.  Go HERE for both.

EDEN is now available on Barnes and Noble in paperback!  YAY!  With my other books they took forever to get them so I am thrilled they got Eden up so fast!  You can find it HERE!  And it is only $10.79, and that is cheaper than Amazon has it listed right now.

I think like all authors I've been super nervous to start seeing reviews of my book but I've found 4 so far and they have all been 5 star reviews!  Thank you, thank you!

Don't forget to grab Eden soon if you have an e-reader!  It's listed at only $0.99 right now but that will only last for a few more weeks!  Find it at Amazon, Nook, and Smashwords.

A small Vindicated update:  I'm a bit behind on my word count challenge since I was gone but I'm hoping I can pound out a lot of words throughout the rest of this week!  I got some awesome ideas the last few days and Jessica is totally going to kick some after-life butt!

Lastly, I created this to be a new blog header but it didn't quite match right with my background so I decided not to use it but I still love how it turned out so I thought I would share!

I think that's all the updates I have for right now, I hope, lol.  I feel so scatterbrained these last few days!  I hope you have an awesome week!  Take care all!

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