My Avian Cast Pick (EDEN)

Let me introduce you to Avian, Eve's other love interest in Eden.  He's a soldier turned make-do doctor in the colony of Eden, a natural leader, and unfortunately 7 years older than Eve, which doesn't make it any easier for them.  

My cast pick for Avian would 100% be Wentworth Miller from Prison Break.  Even though he's a bit to old to play Avian, he's still pretty much exactly how I picture Avian.  I drool a little bit every time I watch Prison Break... lol!

What about you?  Who would you cast as Avian?


Momo (Books Over Boys) said...

AH! I am completely and utterly in love with Wentworth Miller! I watched all of Prison Break just for him!

Goodness! He's so hot, it should be illegal! Seriously.

I have a copy of Eden but I haven't read it yet. So when I do, I'll picture Wentworth as Avain! :)


C.J Duggan said...

Ahhh can't wait to read this! Gotta love a good love triangle!!

Samantha Young said...

Mmm. Nice Avian :-p

Mimi said...

I just bought Eden at BNN (thanks to your tip of the $.99 Nook deal you told us about on Books with Bite) :)
but if you say Wentworth is Avain I am A-OK with that!!!
Scofield :::sigh:::

Jamie Manning said...

Eden is next in my TBR pile (yep, once it came in the mail it went straight to the top!), so now I REALLY can't wait to read it. Wentworth Miller AND Matt Lanter...agh!