Giveaway: SIGNED copy of WHAT I DIDN'T SAY

In case you've forgotten who I am, I'm Keary, I write books...  Yeah, again suckage in the blogging department.  Sorry, again, for that.  Life still = crazytown over here.

So to make up for my slacking, I'm doing my very first giveaway of a SIGNED copy of WHAT I DIDN'T SAY!  I will also throw in one of the cool WIDS chapsticks and a pen!  Does that make up for my absence?  No?  Well, I hope it helps things a little bit...

So, I'll keep this simple.  Here are the rules:

  • You must be a blog follower to enter
  • US residents only
  • Fill out the Rafflecopter form to enter
  • You can earn extra entries via the form!


a Rafflecopter giveaway


Kirthi said...

Hi Keary!
Oh gosh, what an awesome giveaway! My collection of signed copies is very few, haha :) I've heard loads about this book and most has been positive!


Em said...

I am super excited for a chance to win! I've wanted to read this since you started talking about it from the beginning. Only trouble is, I don't have an ebook reader and can't find a physical copy. Thanks for the chance to enter!

Rachael Watkins said...

Thank you so much for doing this Keary. What a great way to show us fans some love!

Neyra said...

Great Giveaway. I loved the first book in the Fall of Angels series, I need to catch up though and finally read books two and three >.< Lol Can't wait to read this novel either :D

Neyra @DarkestAddictions

Ramona Alexis said...

Thanks for this wonderful giveaway, I'd love to read your book!

Reflecting Bookworm said...

OOOOPS! Didn't spot the US only bit until I'd signed up, sorry!

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Moha Taufan said...

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Husaini Husni said...

thanks for sharing that.

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