The Write Body

I have a confession to make.  When I look in the mirror I don't really like most of what I see.

Common problem.

You see, I've had two children, both of which were more than 9 pounds when they were born, and both were born early.  I also have a job that means I sit the majority of the time.  I also don't have a whole ton of time to work out.

Are any of these really excuses for the fact that my body is less (or rather more depending on how you look at it) than I would like it to be?

Of course not.

I had a really hard time with this, I think about losing weight all the time, and obsess about wanting to look better far more than is probably healthy.  But I couldn't seem to come up with a solution for making time to work out without figuring out a way to stop requiring sleep to function.

And then I stumbled across something cool on Amazon.

I don't really remember how I found it, just that I did and I kept thinking about it after I first saw it.  I decided that I couldn't get it because I didn't know if I would use it enough to justify the cost.

But I just kept thinking about it.  And I kept feeling fat and wanting to not feel fat.

So I finally used the excuse of buying myself a late Mother's Day present and took the plunge.

I bought a FitDesk.  And this is what it looks like:


No, this is not me.  I would have taken a picture of me on it, but no one was home to take one for me.

Its an exercise bike with a little desk on it.  Pretty simple right?  But also quite effective.

Now, I normally do all my work on my desktop (it's my battle station) but I do also have a laptop that I mostly use on the go.  So I made some adjustments and started using my laptop for my writing and editing.

I've had the FitDesk now for about a week.  It has taken some getting used to.  My rear end isn't used to a lot of time on a bike so that made for some sore sitting for a while.  Your back will take a while to get used to how you have to sit.  My eyes take a little longer to focus on the computer screen since I'm constantly wiggling around just a bit.

But I am also able to work on it for about 2 hours at time.  I can bike about 20 miles a day if I get a solid day in.  And I can get a lot of writing/editing done while I'm doing it.

Seriously guys, I'm not trying to be a commercial for this.  FitDesk isn't paying me to write this blog or do a review.  I'm doing this so I have something to be accountable for.  I'm going to try and Tweet daily, maybe Facebook too, how many miles I did while I work.  I am hoping it will help motivate me not to be lazy.

Because I'm trying to get back to the "WRITE" body.  Because despite my job, I don't want to be an overweight author.  I don't want to look at myself and cringe.  I want to be healthier and stronger.

So I encourage you to find what works for you.  Don't settle if you aren't happy.  Find your Write Body.  And yell at me if I'm not working on mine!


Kirthi said...

Hi Keary!

I've heard of these things! Apparently offices in Asia and places are replacing desks with these, and the health of the workers have improved and they've become more fit. I think it's because they won't have to pay insurance for health issues or something like that--but it's an amazing concept!

I have a confession to make as well: I've added flab to my legs and it's really unappealing. I'm skinny like a stick all over but the thighs. Imagine how awkward it looks! Maybe I should get one of these :D


Kirthi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nicole MacDonald said...

that sounds hilarious! If you can do it then more power to you, I really don't think I'm that co-ordinated *lol* Good on you for finding a solution ;) but for me, I think I'll have to stick to one activity at a time *grin* Make sure you do an update in a month or so, I'd be really interested in seeing it. And if it's any consolation (though I understand we are our harshest critics) I think you're gorgeous :)

YA Book Queen said...

Oh, that looks like a great idea...much better than my attempts to create a "standing" desk (which pretty consists of me putting my laptop on top of a box on my desk, so then I can stand while on the computer).

Glad that the FitDesk is working well for you so far :)

Samantha Young said...

Lol! This is so cool. I hadn't heard of it but I know exactly what you mean! Ever since becoming a full-time author I've put weight on, and struggled finding time to fit in a workout. Finally, I just decided enough was enough and splashed out on a crosstrainer. I love my crosstrainer and feel better about myself but I can't do my work at the same time. The fitdesk is such a good idea!

Elle Casey said...

This is such a cool idea. I want one!! I wonder if I'd be able to get used to the motion with the writing. I wish I could try one out first. :) Maybe I should just buy it and then if I don't like it for that, I'll watch movies on my laptop on it while I ride!!

Dee said...

that looks really cool - I might have to look into one for at home

something else you can consider is a stability ball chair for your desk - because it makes you focus on your core muscles when you sit - which in turn improves your posture/ body alignment etc

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