I love the "ah ha!" moments!

I had a HUGE breakthrough tonight with my new book! This book has still been a fairly new idea in my head so I haven't totally solidly known where it was headed. I had a general idea but I wasn't very happy with it. And considering the amount I have written thus far should be about a third of the book I was getting a little anxious about it. But tonight I FINALLY figured it out! I love moments like this in writing where things just finally slide together and you think "that's it!". I am still using a few pieces from my original idea but it is so much better now! I am so excited!

Now, I have to put a little side note, not really for any reason other than to make myself feel a little better. I have been working on this project for about 3 months now and am frustrated that I haven't gotten very far. With my last book, Ever Burning, it only took me that long to finish the first draft! BUT (and I have to keep telling myself this) when I was writing Ever Burning we did not own the golf course, and especially were not just figuring out what the heck we were doing. I've been working six hours a day AND I'm also pregnant now. So, like I said, this part was more for making myself feel better than anything.

Whew! Glad to have gotten that out of my system! So anyway... If you want to read this project as I go along head over to my website www.KearyTaylor.com to check out the latest!



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