The deadline is set!

A deadline seems to really work for me surprisingly. I've been really dragging my feet on writing Forsaken for some reason and I decided the other day that I just need to get it done. I seem to do well when I put a lot of pressure on myself. So the deadline is set for June 1st. That gives me just over 2 months to finish it up. I think I calculated that it means that I have to write about 700 words a day. Totally doable as long as I stick to it. I don't always write every day so I'm counting on the days I do write to need to spit out about 1200 words. This is my usual anyway.

It is official though, at least a third of Forsaken is going to be told from Alex's point of view, maybe closer to half. I even toyed with the idea of telling some of it from Emily's POV but that would just get to be too much. There is a big chunk of the story that involves her that will otherwise never be fully known or understood but I'll just have to be creative in working it in.

I also found a really great section of "Inferno" that kind of in a weird way sums up Forsaken. Take a look:

""For such a falling short, and for no crime,
We all are lost, and suffer only this:
Hopeless, we live forever in desire."
When I heard this, great sorrow seized my heart,
For I saw men of great distinction there
Hovering in Limbo at the edge of Hell."

Isn't that great! Wow, I've been slowly reading a translation of it and it is powerful stuff and very interesting. So chew on that for a while, a little food for thought!

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