Figuring Things Out

I've been tortured over the past few weeks, trying to figure out how things should end in Eden.  There were two options but neither felt quite right.

The night before last I was being visited by insomnia when all the sudden some ideas started rolling in my head.  I had to get out of bed and find a notebook so I wouldn't forget everything by morning.  This morning I was vacuuming and another few ideas hit me.  Then this afternoon I was making fudge and I finally got everything figured out.  It turnes out a third option was what I needed.

It's all there now, in my head.  I know how Eden will end, know the fate of all the characters.  And most of all, I know who Eve will end up with and why.  And I am so relieved! 

Just to tease you a little, here's a hint at what's happening in my mind:


Morgan said...

Don't you love that!? Your mind just comes up with the best ideas and solves all of the problems. Sometimes you just have to walk away from the problem at hand, before you realize the solution.

Love the teaser- well done!

Fake Chanel Bags said...

I applaud them– because while they might be getting castigated for being “insensitive” to the situation because of the work they do and the events they cover in these last few days, they quietly do their work to help the victims