Internal writing debate

I've been working full-blast on Eden lately which makes me very happy!  I've noticed on days I don't get to work on writing I tend to be a bit grumpy which is good and bad I suppose.

I've noticed something though as I've been going along.  I still can't decide who my main MC is going to end up with in the end.  Yes, there is a whole love triangle involved (though it's not the super sappy, out-of-your-mind love triangle).  I had a very clear idea of who it would be in the beginning but as I've gone along I've totally fell in love with the other guy as well.

Part of my dilemma is that I know who she should end up with.  One is obviously more suitable for her in multiple ways.  But that's not the way I'm leaning right now.  This has taken me by surprise.  I didn't expect things to turn this way.  The problem is that I know there might be a lot of people who won't like it if she ends up with the one I'm leaning toward.  For more than likability reasons, I believe he is very likable.  It's for a reason that it's just not sociably acceptable for them to be together (don't mean to be talking in riddles here but don't want to give too much away). 

But the thing is, I don't think I could stand to break one of the two's hearts and turn him out.  I almost feel like I either have to pick him in the end or kill him and I don't think I could bear to do that either. 

What is your opinion?  Would it be okay for a couple to be together if it might be ridiculed and might stir up some controversy? 

In the end I'll do what feels right but as for now I'm not sure what that is.


Noelli Spanelli said...

who cares what others think
true love conquers all
and all that yada yada
if you want her to end up with that person, then maybe us readers will too!

Jenni Merritt said...

The fun yet annoying part of being the author is: its all up to you. Go with your gut and I'm sure it will be the correct choice for this story.

Remember... some people will love the choice, and some will hate it. Think of the whole Team Edward/Jacob shpeel... if anything, it leads for more conversation, debate, and interest.

Of course its alright for a couple to be together in light of redicule and controversy. Gives more depth! Ok, I could go on... or just catch me online dang it!

You know the MC better than any of us... let her decide!

Then... let me read it! haha :)

Jamie - I'm a guy, btw! said...

I'm in a relationship that stirs controversy simply because we're both guys. If I felt that was wrong, I'd be single till I died! So yes, it's perfectly fine for a couple which causes controversy and/or ridicule to exist...and good luck!

~Crystal~ said...

I think controversy just makes it more of an interesting read. No matter who she ends up with, everyone's gonna wanna read to the end to figure it out! I know, because I'm dying already! ;)
I'm sure you'll figure it out. I know of one author (who wrote The Secret Life of Bees) was planning on killing one of, or the MC and the MC came to her in a dream and said "don't kill me" crazy huh?

Morgan said...

controversy= a great read! Do what your gut says and sail forth conquering all! ha ha. Can't wait to hear more about your book!

Keary Taylor said...

Thanks everyone! Just as I was going to bed last night I got a bunch of great ideas and I think I've got it all figured out now! YAY!