Cover Lust (6)

Sorry I haven't done a Cover Lust post in 2 weeks.  My bad.  It's summer, what can I say?

I have 2 covers for you this week, both pretty similar but both very awesome and kinda creepy!

What about you?  What covers have you been lusting after this week?


DJ's Life in Fiction said...

Both those covers are stunning. I love Mara Dyer's and the pose the models are in. It's dramatic and dark. Carrier of the Mark's cover represents the story really well, which is always a plus! :-)

Steven Whibley said...

Impossible to pick the winner out of those two. I feel like I need a bookshelf just for books that look good.

C.J Duggan said...

Ah yess I have missed these! I love this idea! I have jumped on the bandwagon too! I can't wait to reveal my own cover Keary becuase I lust after it still! (Thanks to you) Not that I am biased right?

Here's mine for this week.