My Editing Process

I've finally finished the second draft of FORSAKEN, both Jessica and Alex's POV's. It nearly killed me but it's done! Now I have to go back and fill in a few rocky spots in the next draft, then I'll do a quick read through of the whole thing, fix any miss-used words and anything else that stands out to me. Then I'll get a copy of it printed and read through it again. It's weird how your work reads different on the computer than it does in real print. I always catch a lot of different things, find things that I want to change/add in. Once I transfer the edits back to the computer I will send it off to my editors (aka my mom and brilliant sister Ashley). When I get all my mistakes back from them I'll do another transfer, one more read through and call it done! And I'll be totally exhausted and sick of it by that point! LOL THEN, I'll talk to the graphic designer and get the cover done and send it off to the printer. Whew! Lots of work to get done before September 1st! But it will get done! (unless I happen to get signed by an agent or publisher before then, keep your fingers crossed!)

So wow, that ended up much longer than it was supposed to be! Maybe it's a little messy and disorganized but that's my editing process!

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Nicole MacDonald said...

A frustrating but rewarding process, I love watching it get shaper with each re-write!