So in case you haven't seen it on Facebook yet, I've finished the first draft of Forsaken! Yay! It's always such a strange feeling as I'm writing the last few pages of a book. I'm not sure how to explain it. My heart starts beating really fast and I get really excited. But then I start feeling a little sad and a little depressed because I know the editing is coming too. I hate editing, a lot! I've griped about it a lot in my old posts. I'm sure there are plenty on here.

I'm really happy with what I have created with Forsaken. I was getting really frustrated with it in the beginning, not sure how to make it work or put it down how I wanted it to become. But I'm really happy with it. I got to explore and get to know a lot more of my characters. It was really interesting.

Now the plan is to go back what I have written and edit in a lot of stuff that needs to go in now. Hopefully that will only take me 2 or 3 weeks. Once that is done I will go back and do Alex's part of the story. I'm guessing that will take me about a month. I'm not sure. I still have to get into his head so we'll see how long he takes to let me in. :)