2011 Year End Report

Wow, what a crazy and amazing year 2011 has been for me!  There have been a ton of high's and I'm happy to say, almost no low's this year.  I wanted to take a minute and reflect on some of the things that happened this year.

The year got off to a weird start for me.  Guess this was the one low, when my daughter ended up in the hospital for a week and underwent a month of home health care.  Thankfully everything cleared up and she's been fine ever since.  Soon after that though I finished the first draft of Eden!  Weird to think that happened this year!

I did a post on how author's personalities affect my decision to read their work.  I also adopted a new mantra in regards to my writing:

I released a new Branded book trailer.  Branded also really started taking off this month in the UK which was wildly exciting!  I also announced the launch of my new graphic design business and its website www.IndieCoverDesigns.com

I did a post on where I live, Orcas Island, WA and it's probably the post that's had the most hits on my blog.  I also attended the SCWBI WW conference and had a awesome time!  I did two post on it, here and here.  I also found out some scary info on the technology I created in Eden is evolving NOW.  Yeah, I was a little freaked out, and promptly stopped looking into the real deal stuff.

This was a really awesome month!  My sales all the sudden did some major jumping, I was finally starting to make some money!  And I revealed the cover for Eden.  And then it was just time to prep for it's release!

I ranted and raved about my love for the Goo Goo Dolls.  I also dove into the first draft of Vindicated!  And then I released Eden on June 8th, a full 13 days earlier than I had announced I would.  I also did a post about my own, true love story.

I posted a picture I hashed together, something I made out of boredom, titled "A girl can dream, right?"  Dreams do come true, sometimes.  I also did a post about how writing has become my job.  The best job in the world!  And on the 27th I turned 24!

I got the coolest present ever.  I also realized I'd written almost half a million words between all my books.  And I finished the first draft of Vindicated!

I made a new book trailer for Eden: 
The highlight of that month was probably doing my very first author photoshoot with Jenni Merritt.

I revealed Vindicated's cover!  I also read a really awesome book, my favorite of 2011 titled Anna Dressed In Blood.  My son also turned 2!

November started off in a majorly exciting way.  I got contacted by KK&P about the movie rights to Eden.  I thought keeping it all a secret until the announcement was made was going to kill me!  I announced that I'd been keeping a(nother) secret from everyone, finally telling everyone about Afterlife!  And then I released it and Vindicated a few days earlier, about 3 weeks ahead of schedule!  And just after Thanksgiving I started the first draft of my new WIP (which I will be doing a title/cover/synopsis reveal of in a few days).  My oldest, my daughter, turned 4!

I announced and released the combined version of the entire Fall of Angels trilogy.  The whole movie deal with Eden was announced!  MAJOR excitement there!  And just a few days ago I made a list of my top 5 books of 2011.  And I'm proud to announce that today I finished the first draft of my new WIP!  And oh the editing that needs to be done... lol.  And here we are, New Year's Eve!

So 2011 was a seriously fantastic year!  Far better than I ever could have imagined!  I just hope 2012 will be just as awesome!  Happy New Year's everyone!  Have fun and be safe!


Blacky said...

Happy New Year!:)

Live, Love, Laugh, Write! said...

Your year sounds like a series of dreams come true :)

Leigh Covington said...

What an awesome year Keary! LOVE the trailer. Very cool! Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

SM Reine said...

What an incredible year you've had! Totally well-deserved, of course. Eden's awesome. :)

Nicole MacDonald said...

*swoon* such fun to read over that!! I really hope my new year is as awesome as your last year *lol* May this year bring you much joy!

Morgan said...

2012 is going to rock Keary! You have the golden touch- keep it up! ps. soooo much fun seeing you and your hubby last week. Take care. :D

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